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Country: Egypt, Interests: exchange of ideas and information about how to modernize Islamic thought
Interests: Church/State separation, Ethics / Morality, Scientific Discoveries, Politics, Atheism
Read Rick's: One Atheist's Opinion on Affirmative Action
Kay serves as co-liaison to Atheists Alliance with Mynga Futrell
born and raised in Sacto, CA, now in St. Louis, and would like to chat with Sacramento people

enjoys discussions on god, religion, and our illogical legal system
Concerns: Population, Family PlanningReasoned Spirituality
Member of Atlanta Freethought Society
Peggy is instrumental in bringing Sacramento freethought to public Television!!
Read Hank's: Science and religion: Are they really opposites? on the SFW!
Check out Cleo's Freethought Feminist! on the SFW!
Western Oklahoma's lone atheist"
Read Dave's: Benefit of the Doubt and Gospel "Facts" on the SFW!
Our North Carolina member!
Interests: Church/State separation, Freethought Activism, School Prayer, Scientific Discoveries, Debate, Friendship, Finding Kindred Spirits
Check Out Jerry's: Brief History of Gay Rights on the SFW!
Keeping religion out of public schools is very important!

Comedy writer for TheLaughin newsletter
EX mormon, lives in Idaho Falls, Idaho
Separation of religion and government, Education and critical thinking, Historicity vs. mythology.
concerned about church/state entanglement

If you're looking for lively discussion groups or online chats, try the Internet Infidels Electronic Resources.

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