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One Nation Under God

Author:Vincent M. Wales
Congratulations, to Vince! His thought-provoking book tells a powerful story. It is no wonder the novel is gaining fame. Vince's creative writing techniques work well to describe a fictional crisis that is far too close to reality! One Nation Under God is an EMPHATIC "MUST-READ" for local Freethinkers.
Reviewed: Friday, October 14, 2005


Penn Gillette's Aristocrats

The Aristocrats pushes free-_expression to the limit.

Created by well-known Bright's advocate, Penn Gillette, this ninety-minute shock-umentary is a non-stop medley of well-known comedians telling individualized versions of the same vulgar joke.

The joke itself is rather lame but has been circulating behind the scenes for many years, its roots and style are vaudevillian. Although new to the audience, the gag is a back-stage mainstay among comedians.

Prepare yourself for a barrage of graphic descriptions of a "family stage-act" involving bizarre sex, feces, urine, pedophilia, incest, violence, vomit, you name it -- no-holds-barred, ANYTHING goes!

Even thick-skinned viewers will squirm at the appalling level of indecency achieved by the comics as they attempt to out-do one another. Poor taste is the order of the day.

For what it's worth, we get an unprecedented peek into the insanity of sick humor that underlies much standup comedy.

Reviewed: Friday, October 14, 2005

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