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Webmistress and her little dog As far back as I can remember I've been an atheist. My dear Mother tried to indoctrinate me by sending me to Sunday School a time or two, but in hindsight I think she was more interested in getting all us kids out of her hair for a few blessed hours of peace and quiet more than whether we converted to any particular belief structure.

I was raised on Grimm's Fairy Tales, and other fascinating stories about Greek Gods, Indian Ghosts, dinosaurs and dragons. By the time I got around to Bible stories my skeptic brain had already begun to form.

Having a skeptical outlook in a society steeped in religion makes for a fairly lonely life. And, while I felt awkward and ill at ease mingling with overtly religious people I never could "go there" and just "join in the fun," as it were.

I both envied and resented the social lives of my religious friends and when I had children I encouraged them to go to Sunday School, sing in Church Choir and partake in Church activities. Sigh...If I had only known about Unitarian Universalism.

In my layman's way of thinking, even the UU was just another church. The only public atheist I'd ever heard of was Madalyn Ohair and 'everybody' hated her. I too was an I just ignored all of it (religion/everything related) and went about my life, loves and career.

Then, in 1989, my spouse pointed out a tiny article in the Sacramento Union (now defunct) about a convention held by C.O.D.E.S.H. the Council for Democratic and Ethical Secular Humanism.

I'd never heard of secular humanism before but from the description of the philosophy in the article I instantly knew I could shove aside the "bad" atheist moniker and actually proclaim in public that I am a Humanist!

I dove into the Secular Humanist movement as though it were a welcoming sweet water well in the heart of Death Valley!

I think I contacted each and every Humanist group in this country and subscribed to all their newsletters.

I wrote letters to the editor and argued with the conservative voices in the Sacramento Union newspaper. Ah, those were the years!

Ken Nahigian also wrote many letters to the editor so it was inevitable that we should meet - and what an incredible sweetie he is too!

I also joined the local Humanist group here in Sacramento (HAGSA). As I learned about the Internet and how to create web sites, it was only natural that I would apply the same zeal in discovering Humanism to web site design.

As the Secular Web, Internet Infidels, AOF, Sac-AU and Project Tocsin came about I gathered them all up and bundled them in the SFW so everyone in Sacramento would have a chance to learn about these wonderful groups.

Today if anyone asks what I believe, I tell them as an atheist, I use my brain and develop opinions and beliefs based upon realistic data and good old common sense!

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Creation "Science" Debunked:
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