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Your Coors $$ At Work

by Jerry Sloan

The article below demonstrates the fact no matter how much the Adolph Coors Brewing Company and some members of the Coors family try to present it/themselves as a gay-friendly company its past and present actions demonstrate otherwise.

The truth is since the mid 70s, the Coors Company and Family have done irreparable damage to gay and lesbian people. Damage which the company and the family have refused to acknowledge.

While the Coors Foundation claims it now only distributes grants to Colorado civic and philanthropic organizations and the Castle Rock Foundation is allegedly cutting back on the size of grants to the FCF and other homophobic groups, to undo the damage to the gay community in the United States, the Coors Company and family would have to COMPLETELY renounce their funding, both on personal and corporate/foundation levels of ALL anti-gay groups and then fund EVERY future lawsuit the gay community has to institute to overturn the actions of those who attack the civil rights of translesbigay people because Coors funded such organizations which provided the inspiration to move the homohaters to action.

An apology would be nice too!

Legislation now moving through the Oklahoma Legislature is a perfect example of the harm caused by both the Coors Foundation and certain Coors family members funding and devoting time to the very homohating Free Congress Foundation (FCF) headed by Paul Weyrich.

In 1986 or so the FCF funded a Cuban expatriate Roman Catholic priest named Enrique Rueda to write a 500+ page book titled The Homosexual Network which is filled with distortions and out right lies concerning gay people and our fight for equality.

In 1983 the FCF was promoting and distributing the faulty research search of Dr. Paul Cameron.

In particular the FCF was distributing a proposal by Cameron titled "The Model Sexuality Law"

A close examination of "The Model Sexuality Law" reveals it is the foundation document for anti-gay civil right measures which were placed on the ballot in Colorado as Amendment Two and in Oregon as Measure Nine.

The Gay and Lesbian community had to spend millions to over turn those two measure at the ballot box and in court.

Our community can NEVER recoup enough money from the paltry grants Coors is attempting to make to community centers, pride parades etc., to repay the time and resources we had to spend on those two ballot measures alone!

Oklahoma Legislator Bill Graves cites statistics from The Homosexual Network as reasons why "known homosexuals or lesbians" should be barred as teachers in Oklahoma's schools.

Is William Coors, Chairman of the Board of all the various Coors corporations and enterprises, willing to publicly denounce such a law and then provide the money to the ACLU and the Lambda Legal Defense Fund to fight this unconstitutional law in court since he and his company helped fund the FCF when the book was written?

Offering domestic partner benefits to about 500 gay employees doesn't offset all the past damage to the gay community and the future potential of thousands of gay and lesbian Oklahoma teachers losing their jobs because of the Coors funding of anti-gay organizations.

Sanctioned Gay Bashing? OKLAHOMA CITY -- The Democratic Party formally ``opposes, deplores and disavows discrimination, extremism and hatred of every kind." But state Democratic lawmakers raised no argument recently when a bill to bar convicts from working in schools was amended to also bar homosexuals.



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