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History of Project Tocsin

Tahk'sin - A bell rung to give an alarm; the sound made by it; any alarm signal

As PT networked with similar grassroots organizations throughout the state it was often called upon to examine various public records which were on file at state agencies located in California's Capitol city.

Early in the 1992 election cycle it was discovered something usual was happening in California politics. It appeared a new source of money was flooding into the campaigns for the State Legislature.

There were rumors about a small group of men who called themselves the Capitol Commonwealth Group.

PT research first proved the rumors to be true by documenting the existence of the group of four men who ultimately that year would pour almost $2,000,000 into trying to elect a slate of 20 candidates to the State Legislature.

Two weeks after exposing the group they formed a political action committee, the Allied Business PAC, through which to funnel their money.

PT research is a resource for the media throughout the state and nation for such respected newsgathering institutions as the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Francisco Examiner, the Sacramento Bee, the Sacramento Union, the Sacramento News and Review, Time, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Bill Moyers Journal, McNeil-Lehaer Report and many more.

Perhaps the most far-reaching document produced by PT has been a chart titled "California Theocratic Right Wing" which links individuals and organizations together so the reader can plainly see the connections and the theocratic ties of those on the chart.

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California Theocratic Right-Wing



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