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Letter From William K. Coors, Chairman of all the Coors enterprises

March 11, 1997

Mr. (X)

Dear (X):

Thanks for your good letter and for your continued support of our cause in the gay community. It is a sad commentary that the vocal activists on any issue invariably do their cause more harm than good. Broadminded people whom I know have no trouble with the concept of homosexuality, but they get totally turned off by the crass exhibitionism of the gay parades that the news media so delight in bringing to the public. Activists find their cause for living in their activism -- their claim to fame. Finding causes to hate and rail against is really hard work. Even though a cause were to disappear, the hate simply refocuses on past practice. A wife beater will be a wife beater even if that last beating was forty years ago.

Adolph Coors Foundation carries no relationship to Coors Brewing Company other than the fact that it holds 2% of the Brewery's stock which produces 3% of its philanthropic dollars. Because of the flap that these dollars create, the Foundation is presently disposing of its Brewery stock. The Foundation does contribute to some conservative causes. The assumption of the activist set is that conservatism is by nature and action homophobic, pro-life, anti-Semitic and racially biased. If there are such organizations, they receive no Foundation support. Homosexuality and abortion are two issues on which the Foundation maintains a rigid posture of neutrality. Organizations which foster religious, racial or social bias are off our list as well.

Adolph Coors Foundation supported the Adolph Coors Medical Research Foundation to the tune of $2,000,000. The mission of this latter foundation was to develop a low-cost protocol for the management of AIDS such that the infected person could live a normal, productive life with HIV. That research would be on-going today if we hadn't lost the services and medical genius of our principal researcher, Dr. Rajko Medenica. The combination of photophoresis and electrical tissue stimulation was quite successful in lowering the viral load to acceptable levels and holding it there. The estimated annual cost of this protocol per patient was under $2,000. My personal contribution to this research effort was close to $400,000.

I take exception to any request to document all of the above, because it is too easy for the Doubting Thomases to claim fake. The records of both foundations are subject to public scrutiny, and my personal financial records are available to any inquiring reporter who shows me the courtesy of asking to see them.

Warm regards,

/s/ Bill

William K. Coors

Chairman of the Board & President

Adolph Coors Company

Golden, Colorado 80401-1295

(303) 279-6565

Kevin W.W. Johnson



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